Contact us! We endeavor to be a Great Church in New Haven in the eyes of the Lord..and your eyes too!

Church on the Rock aims to love and serve you, your family and the greater New Haven community. If you have questions about what we do or when we do it, please feel free to contact us below. Ask about our mentoring ministries, Gang of Dads, Boys to Men and Daughters of a Hope. Inquire as to how we help people to identify and walk in the dreams that God has planted in their souls.  Let us tell you about our vibrant Youth and Family Ministries. Ask us about ministry to men and to women. Ask about the great diversity of offerings in our small group (“Elevation Group”) ministry.

Yes, according  to Matthew 25:26 we endeavor to  be a great church in New Haven; not the only one, but one that strives to be counted as such in the eyes of Jesus. Jesus confirmed to his followers that our greatest mission on earth is to to love God and people! We take that mission very seriously and recognize that love is cannot be passive. We are endeavoring to be very intentional  and very real in the fulfilling of such a mission.

We’d love to hear from you! Please take a moment to contact us and let us know what would make us a great church in YOUR eyes. God bless you!

If your request is for prayer, we would love to oblige. Contact us through our prayer submission page.


95 Hamilton Street,

New Haven




Join Us

Worship – 10.00 AM

Bible Study – 7.00PM
Kids,Jr.XL and XL – 7.00PM

Corporate Prayer
Wed – 6.00AM
Thursday – 12.00PM
Saturday – 7.30AM